Facilitating a decentralized, green, and cheap energy

Inspecro is a crowdfunding platform which connects Indonesian investors and inspectable solar energy projects, minus the complicated paperworks from financial institutions.


Advancing decentralized solar energy is only possible when all stakeholders benefit from the process. Consumers (who use the solar electricity) can get better economies of scale with a cheaper capital, while Investors can earn high return of investment.

Better still, all of us are saving the Earth by avoiding CO2 from fossil fuels.


We believe that current fintech platforms are not yet transparent enough - you never know if dollars you invest are not being misused for other purposes. We eliminate this issue by 1) Revealing all technical studies and PPA contracts of the project. 2) Basing how much income you get according to your energy production, which you can monitor in real-time.

Moreover, solar plant is a physical asset. If you want to see your investment in person, we are ready to arrange your visit.


You do not need a roof, or a million dollars to invest in a solar energy. With only Rp 10.000, you can already own a solar cell.

Plus, we take care of the hard stuffs for you (site visits, technical studies, and PPA contracts).

Why we believe financial institutions are not the answer

In our view, financial institutions are slow to adapt to rapidly growing renewable energy opportunities. Few bother to perform due dilligences on renewable energy due to the complex engineering involved. Therefore, they perceive a very high risk. To mitigate the risk, they have no other options but to charge higher interest rates. This condition greatly hinders renewable energy projects deployment.

On the other hand, we are tackling this problem with our expertise in the energy sector. So, we know what the risks are, how to mitigate them, and which parties are the best at handling each risk.