About Us

Inspecro is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Contractor) in solar energy installations.


Why is Inspecro different from other solar EPCs?

We believe that a project is not a one-off transaction, but a long-term relationship. This is why we offer 25 years warranties to our clients.

How qualified is Inspecro?

Our team has been trained according to Standards Australia on the safety procedures of AS/NZS 5033, AS/NZS 4777, AS/NZS 3000, and AS/NZS 3008.

What is the quality of the solar panels?

Because we offer 25 years technical warranties, we do not wish for the components to break either. Therefore, the solar panels we use come with certifications: ISO 9001, IEC 61215, IEC 61701, IEC 61730, IEC 62716, UL 1703, and UNI 9174/9177 Class 1.

How can I go solar?

Consult with us about your solar needs. Then, we will get back to you with our engineering and economics analysis. If you like it, we shall begin the installation.