Cafe | What If Tenaga Surya? EP #1

Setiap bulan, seorang pemilik cafe pusing melihat besarnya tagihan PLN dari coffee maker, AC, chiller, speaker, dan lighting. Tapi di sisi lain, seorang pemilik cafe tidak bisa mematikan coffee maker begitu saja karena masih ada pesanan customer, tidak bisa mematikan AC karena customer bisa pergi karena kepanasan, dan tidak bisa mematikan chiller karena susu dan […]

2 Types of Solar Cells: Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline

“Monocrystalline? Polycrystalline? Which one should I go for?” Yes, these might seem overwhelming to you. Let us compare them in Performance, Cost, and Aesthetics. 1.Performance In solar cells, performance is measured in terms of efficiency. In other words, how much sun energy is converted into electricity. Here, monocrystallines are better than polycrystallines (25% vs 21%). […]

Disruptive Innovation of Solar Energy

1. Defining Disruptive Innovation What is a disruptive innovation? Disruptive innovation is a term popularized by Clayton Christensen’s widely known book The Innovator’s Dilemma. Christensen pointed that a disruptive innovation delivers currently neglected value metrics which are different from value metrics by mainstream markets. For example, think of Tesla’s automobile value metrics: self-driving and “green”; in contrast […]

Learning Curve of Solar Energy

What is a learning curve? Basically, a learning curve describes how a process becomes more efficient as more output is produced. This could be used to predict future cost reduction of solar PV. 1. The Learning Curve Solar PV is very disruptive to the electricity grid. It is expected to be cheaper by 32.6% for […]

Solar Power Plant Valuation

A manufacturing factory consulted Inspecro on electricity cost savings. So, we recommended a 77.5 kW solar power plant / PLTS. Then, the Managing Director asked, “Is this project profitable?” To answer that, we can calculate the present value of future savings: This might look confusing. But I promise you it will get easy very shortly. Electricity […]

3 Types of Solar Energy Installation

There are three types of solar energy installations: On-Grid Off-Grid Hybrid How are they different? Let us examine each one. 1. On-Grid System Can be used in parallel with the grid Imagine the grid as a form of battery in this case – surplus of solar energy can be “stored” in the grid, In cloudy […]