Solar energy (“tenaga surya” or “PLTS”) is growing worldwide. LOreal, Intel, Amazon, IKEA, Apple, and many others are using solar energy to power their operations. (See Exhibit 1.)

With Rp 0 investment

The question is: why is solar energy not growing in Indonesia?

To answer this, imagine you are a manager. One day, someone offered you solar panels costing hundreds million up to billions Rupiah.

What would your boss say?
Furthermore, if this fails, wouldn’t you be risking your career?
Therefore, isn’t the root cause the giant investment cost?

To solve this problem, Inspecro welcomes companies to join our Rp 0 Solar Energy Partnership Program. This means, you are not paying anything (free) to start using solar panels. No debt that risks company in bankruptcy either.

So, how would this benefit you?

Benefits of Rp 0 Solar Energy Partnership Program

Benefit 1 – Cheaper Electricity

With Rp 0 investment, you immediately get access to electricity that is 10% cheaper than PLN for each kWh of energy. (See Exhibit 2.)

With Rp 0 Solar Energy Partnership, you can get solar energy (tenaga surya / PLTS) that is 10% cheaper than PLN.

Benefit 2 – Employee Passive Income

Directors, staffs, and employees may support this cause to earn passive income. Hence, this heightens the sense of belonging. Furthermore, they can earn investment return 3x of bank deposit.

Benefit 3 – Free Green Branding + Carbon Profits

With solar energy, you are contributing to the environment via reduction of carbon emission. However, why would this affect company’s profits?

A research by Boston Consulting Group shows that 37% of millennial purchase products associated to a higher cause. Thus, to assist you, we share a Green Energy Certificate which you can use as your green marketing campaign. (See Exhibit 3.)

Green Energy Certificate - Rp 0 Solar Energy Partnership (Tenaga Surya / PLTS)

Moreover, with the verification on amount of carbon emission saved:

  • You can claim tax deduction; or
  • You can sell your carbon savings to other companies meeting carbon goals.

This aligns with Indonesia’s goal to lower carbon emissions by 29% by 2030 in accordance to Paris Agreement.


Therefore, for Rp 0 investment, you immediately get:

  • Cheaper electricity via solar energy (tenaga surya / PLTS)
  • Passive income for your employees
  • Free green branding + carbon profits

So, isn’t this a great way to contribute to your company, without risking your career?

You can request to join this partnership via:
[email protected]
+62 81 9333 73789

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