Investing in Solar Crowdfunding

Solar energy is growing by 28% annually ¹. Therefore, solar is an attractive investing opportunity. However, building a solar plant normally costs hundreds of thousands or more.

“So, do I have to be a heir to a conglomerate to invest in solar projects?”

The answer is no.

But, how?

1. What is solar crowdfunding investing?

Solar crowdfunding raises small amounts of funds from a large number of people, in order to build a solar energy plant.

A solar crowdfunding platform connects Investors, Consumers, and Installers:

Solar crowdfunding investing platform connects Investors, Consumers, and Installers

2. How does solar crowdfunding investing work?

First, Investors may order any number of solar cells for an open project:

In solar crowdfunding investing, Investors first invest in a Consumer's solar plant by ordering solar cells.

Then, the Investors get return on investment for the energy productions:

In solar crowdfunding investing, Consumers pays monthly fees to Investors based on its solar energy production.


3. Is solar crowdfunding investing safe?

It depends to which platform provider you are investing in.

For example, Inspecro enforces transparency and risk management:

  1. Revealing all project contracts.
  2. Revealing all engineering and economics studies for each project.
  3. Tying the monthly income to the size of energy production in real time.
  4. Appointing Installers to cover technical risks by engineering, design, components manufacturing, and installation. ²
  5. Appointing Consumers to cover theft, loss, damage, and destruction. ³
  6. Helping to arrange site visits for Investors to see their solar cells physically.

Learn more about open projects to participate in solar crowdfunding.

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