Cafe | What If Tenaga Surya? EP #1

Setiap bulan, seorang pemilik cafe pusing melihat besarnya tagihan PLN dari coffee maker, AC, chiller, speaker, dan lighting. Tapi di sisi lain, seorang pemilik cafe tidak bisa mematikan coffee maker begitu saja karena masih ada pesanan customer, tidak bisa mematikan AC karena customer bisa pergi karena kepanasan, dan tidak bisa mematikan chiller karena susu dan […]

Rp 0 Solar Energy Partnership Program

Solar energy (“tenaga surya” or “PLTS”) is growing worldwide. LOreal, Intel, Amazon, IKEA, Apple, and many others are using solar energy to power their operations. (See Exhibit 1.) The question is: why is solar energy not growing in Indonesia? To answer this, imagine you are a manager. One day, someone offered you solar panels costing […]

Solar Energy for Home: Case Study

A homeowner in Jakarta was interested in solar energy / PLTS, but only as his new “toy”. However, when I visited the client’s home, I noticed large electricity usage: lights, fridge, AC, water heater. Could you imagine the electricity costs? In solving this problem, Inspecro considered a PLTS system to save his costs. Before deciding […]

Solar Power Plant Valuation

A manufacturing factory consulted Inspecro on electricity cost savings. So, we recommended a 77.5 kW¬†solar power plant / PLTS. Then, the Managing Director asked, “Is this project profitable?” To answer that, we can calculate the present value of future savings: This might look confusing. But I promise you it will get easy very shortly. Electricity […]