What is Inspecro?

Inspecro is an Indonesian startup on solar sharing economy. Our main service includes solar installation with financing assistance from retail investors (think stock exchange for solar projects!)

Consumers (those who want to install solar on their roofs) may consult about their solar needs and then list their their project in our crowdfunding platform. Our Australia/New Zealand (AZ/NZS) Standards educated engineers will be happy to help.

Meanwhile, Investors may buy solar cells starting from ± Rp 10.000 and earn dividends from the energy productions.

What are solar cells?

Solar cells are blue/black plates you find inside solar panels. These cells capture sunlight and convert it into electricity which may be used for electronic appliances.

As an Investor, you may buy the solar cells on any open project . After which, your solar cells will be installed at the project site. Also, if you want to see your solar cells in real-life, we are ready to arrange your visit.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising small amounts of funds from a large number of people.

Why should I invest in solar?

Either as an Investor or a Consumer, solar is important due to these reasons:

  1. Electricity tariff increase

    Without solar, we are paying more electricity bills every year as the electricity tariff increases. Owning solar protects us from this risk because we are using our own solar energy production.

  2. Safe and high-return profits

    With 25 years warranty and a deposit allocated for maintenance, you can sit and relax while earning profits from your solar energy production. Technical maintenance will be handled by the Installer of your project. Hassle-free.

  3. Green environment

    While earning profits, you are also doing good for our environment by reducing your carbon footprint, therefore contributing to avoid global warming for our next generation.

  4. Solar is the next big thing

    Solar installed capacity increases 10-fold from 2010 to 2017 as people notice the advantages. To accelerate this trend, we came up with a crowdfunding platform where Consumers may get up to 80% financing assistance and Investors may invest with only Rp 10.000.

Why invest in solar crowdfunding?

If you are an Investor, solar crowdfunding may be good for you, because:

  1. You may not have the funds required to cover the high capital costs. You only need Rp 10.000 to begin investing in solar cells
  2. You may not have roofs/spaces available for solar panels. Your solar cells will be deployed at Customer’s site as per Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  3. You may live in a region with less powerful sunlight
  4. You may want to get safe passive income. We promote utmost safety by enforcing a 25 years technical warranty as supported by the maintenance deposit, as well as transparency by revealing all contracts, engineering and economics studies for each project
  5. You do not have the time or expertise to install solar panels on your own

How do I get the income from my solar cells?

Consumers using your solar cells will pay each owner a monthly fee, which sum is based on three factors:

  1. Energy production (in kWh) of that month, multiplied by
  2. Energy price (in Rp per kWh) of that month, multiplied by
  3. Your solar cells ownership percentage

Energy price will be based on local electricity rates or other arrangements as per Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract.

Any income from the project will be transferred to the Inspecro account of each owner. The owner may reinvest the funds to other open projects or withdraw the funds to their bank account via their Dashboard.

How do I know if Inspecro is not misusing my investment?

Transparency in our business model is one of our three core values, as well as the source of our competitive advantage compared to other fintech platforms. We enforce such transparency by:

  1. Revealing all contracts for each project
  2. Revealing all engineering and economics studies for each project
  3. Tying the monthly income to the size of energy projection, which may be monitored in real-time, so you know exactly how much you should earn monthly.
  4. Helping to arrange site visits for investors, should they want to see their solar cells physically.

P.S. This is why our name is Inspecro = "Inspected" + "Crowdfunding"

What are the risks?

Aligning with transparency as one of our core values, we also need to inform you about the associated risks. There are two categories of risks in solar crowdfunding:

  1. Uncontrollable Risks

    1. Force majeure/acts of God, such as war, terrorism, physical natural disaster, and outbreak of an epidemic disease. If such events subside, Inspecro will review the possibility of continuing the operations.
    2. Consumer default/delay of monthly payment which breaches the PPA contract. Although unlikely because the arrangement is already signed in the PPA contract, if this actually happens, Inspecro will assist associated Investors by first sending a warning letter to the Consumer, followed by enforcing the PPA contract by legal actions or other ways deemed necessary to solve the issue.
  2. Controllable Risks

    1. Technical risks (due to engineering, design, components manufacturing, and installation) are under the responsibilities of the Installer.
    2. Theft, loss, damage, and destruction not associated to the technical risks or force majeure events are under the responsibilities of the Consumer.

How do I order solar cells for solar crowdfunding?

  1. View our open projects, then select any project you want to fund
  2. Type the number of solar cells you want to order
  3. We will send you an email with payment instructions
  4. Click “Order”

How do I withdraw my money?

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Click Withdraw
  4. Insert your bank account number (bank account name must be the same with the name registered in your account, otherwise we might require additional verification steps.)

If I want to install solar on my roof/space, can I get a financing from the crowdfunding platform?

Yes, we list projects from worldwide Consumers to our crowdfunding platform. Simply contact us and we will discuss about your project further.

Does Inspecro list projects of EPCs/Installers in the crowdfunding platform?

Yes, we list projects taken by worldwide EPCs/Installers to our crowdfunding platform. Simply contact us and describe your solar project. However, for the interest of the Investors, we will have to ensure that your design and installation meet our quality and safety standards.

For an EPC/Installer, what is the procedure in listing a project for crowdfunding?

  1. Consult your solar project specifications with us.

  2. EPC/Installer submits the required information to Inspecro. Fill our funding application form, then return it to us.

  3. If the project meets our quality and safety standards, we will inform you about the initial payment for Minimum Consumer Ownership and Commitment Payment, payable via a virtual account.

  4. Once we confirm your payment, the project is listed in Inspecro crowdfunding platform.

    1. If the project is not yet funded completely by the end of the agreed funding duration, you are given an option to either:

      1. Cancel the listing, after which the Minimum Consumer Ownership and Commitment Payment will be returned to the Consumer;

      2. Add the remaining funding to proceed with the project installation; or

      3. Prolong the funding duration.

    2. If the project is funded completely, the installation for the project may begin.

Does Inspecro install solar panels at my site?

Yes, our solar engineers are trained with Australia/New Zealand (AZ/NZS) Standards. Please contact us for free solar consultations.

Can I install solar panels with financing assistance from Inspecro crowdfunding?

Yes, we can list your project in our crowdfunding platform to give you financial assistance.