Advancing solar energy with the collaboration of all stakeholders

Let us observe Mary and James, two hypothetical individuals who might reflect your current problems

James, 24

A young office employee who wants to save money, but feels that the return from bank deposit is too low.

Mary, 28

A middle manager who wants to install solar in her roofs, but feels that the upfront cost is too expensive.

What if we can connect James and Mary in our solar crowdfunding platform?

James will get to invest with only Rp 10.000 for an estimated return of 10%, while Mary will get solar financing from many people like James. This is what we do in Inspecro.

Step 1: Funding

For Consumers

Consumers who are interested in solar and its financing are welcome to contact us. If your project satisfies our standards, we will list your project on our crowdfunding platform so that investors may help to finance your project.

For Investors

You may order the solar cells on any open project starting from IDR10,000. When the project is fully funded, the solar cells will be installed at the project site.

Step 2: Operation

Risk Management

Technical Warranty

Technical warranty is covered by the installer of each project for the duration of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract, as supported by the maintenance deposit for the project. The installer is responsible for maintenance of technical issues, such as malfunctions/components failure by solar energy system design, engineering, components manufacturing and the system installation (except by non-technical issues and force majeure events).

Theft, Loss, Damage, and Destruction

Consumer of each project is responsible to cover theft, loss, damage and destruction of the solar farm (except by factors due to the solar energy system technical issues and force majeure events).


Transparency in our business model is one of our three core values, as well as the source of our competitive advantage compared to other fintech platforms. We enforce such transparency by:

  1. Revealing all contracts for each project
  2. Revealing all engineering and economics studies for each project
  3. Tying the monthly income to the size of energy production, which may be monitored in real-time
  4. Helping to arrange site visits for Investors, should they want to see their solar cells physically
P.S. This is why our name is Inspecro = “Inspected” + “Crowdfunding”. We are open to you inspecting your own investment.